Monday, February 12, 2007

Tony Hawk?

For your amusement I have dug up an email I received in August 2004. As you know my name is Tony Hawke, further to that I am sure you are aware that I really can't skate. Someone forgot to tell South America.... Here is an exact copy of an email I received. I have also received an email requesting I open a new Skate Park in Rio de Janeiro (or was in Sao Paulo?), but I have misplaced that one. Enjoy.

From: Lorena Lopez
Date: Tuesday, August 31, 2004 4:53 AM
Subject: BBC´s radio station Ecuador seeks interview!!

Hello Tony,

My name is Lorena López and Iam Producer of Radio City, the radio station associated with the BBC of London and the biggest newspaper in the country "El Universo" in Ecuador - Latinamerica.

Here we have a program based on high profile interviews about art, culture, entertainment, music, sports, life styles and more with information and interviews from around the world.

Here in our country as all over around the world many people follow your career and really admire your work. That is why we would like to request a 5 minutes phone conversation with you, where you could talk about your accomplishments, the skate world and send a salute to your ecuadorian fans.

We only request 5 minutes of your time and we could call to any phone number you would give us, at any day or time to any part of the world according to your comfortness.

It would be an honour for us and a fulfilling dream for all the ecuadorians to have the opportunity to hear you talking and saluting them.

Please let us know your response as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.

Kind regards,

RADIO CITY (BBC - El Universo)

(5934) 2 490 xxx ext. 5xx

The funniest part is that they had to navigate through my old high school website to get my email address to send this too. I love the randomness.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

White Rock

I was thinking about calling this post my Tour de White Rock, but unfortunately it has already been taken, so you will have to settle for simply 'White Rock'. White Rock, in case you aren't aware, is a small area in North Canterbury, and is (or was) home to such infamous things as Richard Loe, a killer dog and lots of yellowish white rocks.

Most importantly though, it is my home. It is where my heart it. It is where my mummy and daddy are... boy I love them. So below is a collection of pictures I took today as I was cruising around the district.

Yes, we even have a sign now. Just in case you thought you were somewhere that wasn't awesome.

This is my parents house. On the veranda is my cousin Ellen doing her best JetStar impersonation. I will admit it though, her back flip she showed me moments after was far more impressive.

Where it all began. It was here at this hoop that a young Tony Hawke practised through out the late 90's. It was here that a young man dared to dream, to dream of one day emulating his hero: Rob Hickey. You may not believe this but once Rob Hickey looked me in the eye (I was up on a step) and wished me luck for a high school game... I bet he still remembers that moment as vividly as I do.

The billiard table. Had some good games on this. I play my Grandpop every Christmas, and pretty much any family gathering. We are pretty evenly matched, except he has far superior skill, patience, experience, knowledge and accuracy... but I still have the height advantage.

"The Yards". Notice the Lime Works in the distance, the rocks are white... note also the grass is green. I for one am pretty happy they called it White Rock and not Green Grass.

And finally, this is looking down from the top of Okuku Pass. I really only included this so you would be impressed that I biked up to the top of the pass. Its not much of a view, but if I was on a peak, it wouldn't be a Pass now would it.

In 40 days I will have some much more exciting photos so stay tuned.

Enjoy your week and Happy Waitangi Day.