Tuesday, July 22, 2008

London Update

Just a sneaky post updating you lot on where I am at. I am still living in East London (Bethnal Green) within walking distance of Brick Lane and Old Street, where all the cheapest curries and coolest bars are located. I am working in the heart of Soho in Central London, which makes me feel very cosmopolitan. Life is pretty darn sweet really.

Canary Wharf at night. Not my work place at all, I couldn't wear jandals to work if I worked here.

A few weeks back Andy, Val and Myself went to Hurricane Festival in Germany which was very cool. European festivals are quite an experience, I am surprised I had never heard of them before I got here. I have some pictures on my phone but have no means to put them up here sorry. Saw the Foo Fighter, Radiohead and The Chemical Brothers among a whole lot of other great music.

One thing I really love about London is the music snene. There is always some cool band playing, some open mic night somewhere, or else there is the Johnny Cash impersonator who plays at a kebab shop in Camden from 11pm - 2am Sundays - Thursdays. I have fallen in love with a couple of groups in particular, Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip and Queens English.

Dan le Sac (left) vs Scroobius Pip

So I am really enjoying my time here in London and have met some very cool people, seen some very cool things and done some pretty neat stuff. I am in the process of thinking about what to do next... a few things on the cards are a sneaky weekend hitch hiking mission to Wales, a week long music festival in Hungary, and some other even more exciting adventures.... all in all, I am living the dream and looking forward to living it some more.