Tuesday, May 18, 2010

USA: Florida

Hello all. So we have left Toronto. No more Canada for us for a while. All we saw was Ontario and a little of Montreal, but we loved it, and Toronto was really good to us. I am now a Blue Jays / Raptors fan, which I hear makes for promising starts of seasons, but disappointing finishes..

Anyway... after Toronto we went to Florida, 5 days in North Miami Beach, and then a night down in Key Lago. Miami was fun, the beach is awesome, the hotels and bars super fancy and the city pretty neat.

Little Havana in Miami.

View from the front of our place in Miami Beach.

Miami Beach proper.. looking North to Ft. Lauderdale (I think)
 The highlight by far for me was visiting the Everglades National Park. Its a super massive wetlands in the south of Florida with a whole bunch of wild life. We only did a small hike, but saw so many fish, turtles, big birds... and most excitedly, alligators. There was no barrier between the track and all this wildlife, but luckily the alligators are nocturnal and were happy to bask in the sun, rather than try and eat us.
In the Everglades.

Real Alligators. Real Close. No Fence.
That's about it really. My writing skills are getting worse by the minute... Now Steph and I are in Portland, and are packing up our new touring bikes into boxes and getting ready for a flight to Malaga on Wednesday. Come Friday we will be relaxing on our farm near Villanueva de San Juan, Spain for about six weeks before embarking on our first long distance bike ride... we aren't really sure what we are getting into, but I am sure it will be awesome.

Adios Amigos!