Sunday, April 08, 2012

Portland: Home

So these days Steph and I are living the dream in Portland. We got here late last year after a few visa delays (I had to go to the UK for a few weeks and spend time with friends... sucks to be me!). Portland is treating us really well, Steph has a sweet position at PSU and I have an awesome job downtown. And we have the best puppy ever:

Lucy a few month back, she is way bigger now.
The little detour to the UK was fun as (and happened about 6 months ago...) and I caught up with a bunch of people all over the place. Edinburgh to bromantic escapes in the Lakes District to London.


Lakes District. Nice to see more of England after spending all my previous times in London.
Once in Portland, we got a sweet apartment... then it got foreclosed on.. so we got an even sweeter one. Here is what we are up to:

Weekend escape to Lapine State Park

Pioneer Square with Occupy Portland from my office.

Lucy at the Pumpkin Patch just before Halloween

PSU Campus in Fall (thats Autumn to most of you)

Multanomah Falls. If you visit, odds are I will take you here.

Steel Bridge over the Willamette River, downtown Portland.

Grimm film set a block from my work. They filmed in my building before I arrived!

Winter near our first apartment.

View from where I sit at work.
And last, but by no means least... Lucy a few days ago, she is getting pretty big, and is the best dog in the world. That is a fact.

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